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Essentially this is a cut down version of the PPL; this restricted licence is ideal for recreational flight limited to within the UK. The medical requirements are less stringent than those for the PPL but the licence has limitations accordingly. Only VFR (Visual Flight Rules) flight is permitted. It does not give you permission to fly using instruments in cloud or when visibility is low. You may fly only UK registered aircraft and solely within UK air space. You may carry a maximum of three passengers. You cannot add a Night Qualification or IMC.


Pre-course requirements

You must sign a declaration of fitness to fly, which must be supported, by a declaration from your doctor confirming the DVLA 2. Applicants who only meet the DVLA 1 standard of fitness can fly solo if accompanied by another pilot.



Before you gain your licence you are required to spend a minimum of 32hrs in the air. Pilots of different categories of aircraft will receive credit for their existing experience.

You will be required to take a flight test and a skills test and also pass the nine theoretical knowledge examinations, which are identical for both LAPL and JAR-FCL PPL.

Should a LAPL holder decide to upgrade to a JAR-FCL PPL (A), a minimum 45 hours of flying training, plus the JAR-FCL PPL (A) Skill Test must have been completed, as well as holding the JAA Class 2 medical certificate.